Telling the Giving USA story through the Media

Advancing the research, education and public understanding of philanthropy is the mission of Giving USA Foundation, founded in 1985 by the Giving Institute: Leading Consultants to Non-Profits (formerly American Association of Fundraising Counsel).

This mission is taken seriously by the Foundation, which embarks on a robust public relations program each year to get the giving story told through the media – print, online and broadcast.

This year was no different, and once again, our story was told in close to one thousand media outlets both in the US and abroad. Below are some of the outlets who told our story.

  • Outlet: The Chronicle of Philanthropy
  • Title: Giving Rose by 2.1% Last Year, New Estimate Shows
  •  Outlet: The Seattle Times
  • Title: Charitable giving in US rebounds a bit after drop
  • Outlet: The Miami Herald
  • Title: Charitable giving in US rebounds a bit after drop
  • Outlet: Wall Street Journal
  • Title: Americans Increase Charitable Giving
  • Outlet: The New York Times-City Edition
  • Title: Charitable Giving Rose Last Year for First Time Since 2007
  • Outlet: The Washington Post
  • Title: Uptick in charity seenas sign of better times
  •  Outlet: USA Today
  • Title: Charitable giving on the rebound
  • Outlet:
  • Title: Post-Lehman Squeeze Still Felt as Fundraisers Cope With Smaller Donations – Bloomberg
  • Outlet: FOX 31
  • Title: Americans gave $291 billion to charity in 2010 – KDVR
  • Outlet: Yahoo! News
  • Title: US charity giving rebounds from economic slump
  • Publication Date: 06/20/2011
  • Outlet: The Blog (Huffington Post)
  • Title: Lisa M. Dietlin: Making a Difference: The World of Giving — US Charitable Giving Increased in 2010

Edith Falk, chair of Giving USA Foundation, and Thomas Mesaros, chair of Giving Institute, do the heavy lifting when it comes to media interviews that tell the giving story. In addition to their quotes in the above stories, we asked them what else they would have liked to have said. Here is their respective responses:

Edith Falk: “Browsing through the headlines above, it’s clear that for some an uptick in giving of 2.1 percent (adjusted for inflation) is a “glass half empty” story for some and a “glass half full” for others. Without question, we would have preferred to have seen a stronger increase in philanthropy in 2010, but coming out of the worst recession in 80 years, we are greatly encouraged to see giving trend upward once again. Since prior giving is one of the most important indicators of future giving, this upturn bodes well for improving fundraising results in the current year.”

Thomas Mesaros: “Despite the slow recovery and continued high unemployment, Americans still lead the world in generosity! It is so good to see an uptick in giving and hopefully that trend will continue as the economy builds. As a people, we see and respond to grass roots organizations doing good things on the local scene for many in need of the basics in life.

In addition, we support the richness that the arts and cultural institutions add to the human condition. It is our human nature to seek artistic expression and we enjoy the artistic work of others. And whether it is education, religious or health care needs, somehow, Americans find a way to help and to be generous. Let’s celebrate this steadfast American tradition of generosity!”

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