Where is the Money??

by Rita J. Galowich of member firm Fund Inc.

Are nonprofits leaving money on the table?

Are they/how are they leveraging their programs and services to gain the maximum dollars while making a positive impact on society?

The “new normal” in fundraising is demanding that development professionals think out of the box. We cannot afford to do what we have been doing in the same manner. We need to experiment and test new fundraising concepts and strategies to generate revenue to support the mission of our organizations.

Organizations must take their programs/services to the sources that would be most interested in supporting them. These could be individuals, corporations or foundations. The key question is how to leverage an organization’s programs with the right funding source to meet what is growing to be a significant part of the “new normal”: social capital investment. I believe the word investment is critical. It goes well beyond making a contribution for the purpose of doing something good and feeling good about the gift. It means that the money is impacting society in a very positive manner and being well managed by a competent and well run organization. The impact of an investment on positive social change is part of today’s investor equation. Does an organization have the ability to utilize its programs and services to create positive change in a community if it partners with the right investor? I believe it does.

Relying solely on existing donor relationships is leaving dollars on the table. Seeking opportunities for larger and more impactful investments must be a part of our fundraising strategy. Only then will we be helping to create positive change in our communities – a win-win for both the nonprofit and the investor.

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