It will never let go

By Rick Dunham
Dunham & Company

In leading an organization, there is a gravitational force at play that is always pulling against you. It’s the gravitational force of mediocrity. And it’s why success is such hard work.

Left to its own, any organization will be drawn toward mediocrity. It’s as sure as the law of gravity itself. Even if you have a moment of success, the gravitational pull of mediocrity continues to work against you, seeking to make any success you may experience temporary.

Just like it takes continuous exertion of force for a jet to take flight against the laws of gravity, so organizations must exert tremendous and continuous effort to fight against the gravitational pull of mediocrity. And just like that jet, if you stop exerting that force, you will fall victim to the gravitational pull… and become defined by the mediocrity that describes so many organizations.

The landscape of business is littered with those companies that have succumbed to this constant pull of mediocrity. It is powerful and it is relentless.

We have a saying in our company: “If you want to be the best, you have to constantly work to be better.” That’s the only way to fight against the pull of mediocrity.

What about you… your organization… or department? Are you being pulled into mediocrity? The only way to overcome that pull is through a deliberate and continuous expenditure of focused energy on those areas and disciplines that will ensure your movement toward excellence.

This is why achieving and maintaining success is just so hard. You have to overcome the strong and continuous pull of mediocrity… and understand it will never let go.

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